Android App Development Course

NOTE: No prior knowledge of coding in a programming language is required.

Estimated course duration: 4 Months

Tool required


Android Studio

IntelliJ IDEA

Java_logo_icon (1)In this course we will provide profound knowledge of Android OS which is a mobile operating system created and managed by Google. The design is focused for touchscreen smartphones and tablets.

The course aims to develop skills of the students by which new applications are created for the Android devices

Core and advance level command over Java Programming Language

Basic understanding of the Android software development kit (SDK)

Course Breakdown Structure:


Introduction and Installation

What Java Is and How It Works

Getting a Job and What to Study After Completing Basic Java

How To Get The Most Out Of This Course

Programming Core Java

Intro and Hello World

Everything Is an Object

Controlling Execution

Polymorphism and Interfaces

Error Handling with Exceptions

The Java Advance Concepts

ArrayList: Arrays the Easy Way

Linked Lists

HashMap: Retrieving Objects via a Key

Sorted Maps



Introduction and Basics:

  • Building Your First App
  • Supporting Different Devices
  • Building a Dynamic UI with Fragments
  • Saving Data
  • Interacting with Other Apps
  • Working with System Permissions

Advanced Android Development:

  • Building Apps with Multimedia
  • Building Apps with Graphics & Animation
  • Develop Apps with Connection Options
  • Building Apps with Location & Maps
  • Building Apps with User Info & Sign-In