Customer Service and Advices

We at 1Ten have experienced staff that not only want to sell products/projects, but also satisfy the client to their deepest core. We at 1Ten along with our website/Android App/PC diagnosis services also provide expert advices regarding each category free of charges.

Based on experience:

Based on personal hands on experience on some top notch hardware that’s rarly used locally, to regularly used hardware, we try to provide the best advice possible that fits with the conditions and situations provided by you. Our information is not limited as we also try to keep up with the latest development in the IT world.

Not Limited:

We are not limited to just PC part advices, but web solutions, Android App and other IT related questions are most welcome as well and we would love to provide our best valueable input regarding the situation.

How to contact:

Visit the contact us page for all information on how to reach 1Ten staff for your inquiries.